Ellen spoofs “Bic for Her” Pens

Also, “21 Needlessly Gendered Products”: http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/pointlessly-gendered-products

Comic review for the lady pen from http://thoughtcatalog.com/nico-lang/2013/02/the-10-best-amazon-reviews-of-bic-pens-for-her-so-far/:

“The pens don’t work for Math!”

“I am a female AP and Multivariable Calculus teacher and I prefer to use ink when solving problems. I guess, not surprisingly, these pens cannot be used to do math problems more complicated than 5th grade level. When trying to find a derivative or definite integral, the ball point simply stopped working. I went back and added some numbers and it was fine. I progressed up to solving quadratic equations and the ball point started to “stick” so that I couldn’t solve the problem completely. Imaginary numbers? HA! It was as if I had a pen with imaginary ink! As I moved into problems with Taylor Series, the pen started to get uncomfortably warm. By the time I tried to find the integral of a polar curve the pen burst into flames! I couldn’t believe it! Luckily, I had on asbestos gloves by that time so there were no injuries. I couldn’t even try it with a Multivariable problem!

I have decided to go back to using “man” ink for all future Calculus problems.

I did notice that the  purchase suggestion that comes with these pens is the recalled Talking Barbie that says, “Math class is tough!” Search for a video of that excellent product!”

“Math class is Tough” talking Teen Barbie



War Baby, Love Child- Artist interview Podcasts!, website, and Ex Cred.

Listen to one of these podcasts and reply with a comment or new post of 200 words connecting the artist’s thoughts with course readings or themes for extra credit

War Baby Love Child Home Page: http://www.warbabylovechild.com/photos/

Link to Artist Interview podcasts: https://leilaninishime.wordpress.com/category/podcasts/

Link to Seattle Times discussion of the exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, 2014: http://seattletimes.com/html/thearts/2021627392_warbabywingxml.html


Lori Kay “Heir to Rice” from the War Baby, Love Child Exhibit



To see some very questionable interpretation of the sampan/ non la see this item description  (Best selling!) and image from online seller The Hat company out of Las vegas (this is real merchandise marketing, not artwork) Thoughts?http://www.thehatco.com/Coolie_Sampan_Rice_Paddy_Hat.html


Coolie Rice Paddy Sampan Hat


Price: $25.95
This hat is one size. Color, as shown.

Laquered straw Coolie. Hand woven in Southeast Asia. Tie-on chincord included.

This Coolie Hat is the real thing. Worn daily by millions in Asia in the rice paddys.




A.A. arts- Major Museums and Collectives

Kearney Street Workshop (Since 1972): http://i52611.wix.com/kearnystreet


KWS Posters: http://www.cdlib.org/cdlinfo/2011/02/14/new-on-oac-and-calisphere-kearny-street-workshop-posters-from-ucsb/

Jack Loo- “Wong Family” 1972-76



Basement Workshop: http://artasiamerica.org/documents/7128


Serve the people Exhibit 2014: http://blog.angryasianman.com/2013/12/serve-people-asian-american-movement-in.html



JANM: http://www.janm.org


Exhibits: http://www.artslant.com/la/venues/show/189-japanese-american-national-museum



Fil-Am Arts Blogs, Murals

More material for finals, extra credit, or class discussion…


Site: http://filipinoamericanarts.blogspot.com


Mural, Union Park, CA



East Coast Mural (Philly)- 425 years…




Kansas City (with video:)