The last topic we covered regarding LGBT and feminist art made me recall watching this video last year. This was odd for me to watch not because of the overall message, but because of the age of the actors portraying these characters. This short film really switches the perspective of today’s notion of “homophobia” by making it the norm and making heterosexuality frowned upon. The film, I think, tends to be overdramatic at some parts, but overall, it gets the point across that too many people are getting bullied for being open about their sexual orientation. The part where Christianity is brought into the film and how one can be deemed “sinful” because of their choice to love someone of the opposite sex (in the case of the storyline). Although, despite the slight awkwardness of the age of the actors, the issues and messages that are dominating, sadly have a lot of truth to them. The idea of children getting treated this way is sometimes difficult to picture, but all families have their own beliefs, especially parents. Luckily today, we live in a society that seems more accepting than the generations before. Unfortunately, there is still hate that lingers and this need for everyone to believe in their own egos or blame it on the teachings of Christianity that people cannot love freely. Whether or not people choose to accept or simply agree with homosexuality or being transgender, the fact is that there are still people, no matter what the label, who are judged, bullied, and verbally abused. It is what it is, and simply another perspective. It is a matter of interpretation.


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