Fat Talk

Funny how product advertisements can show us things such as how women view their own bodies. In this experiment in which women were asked to look in this clothing store that had labels quoted from women that said degrading things about their own body, it got them to see how many women are really self conscious of the way they look. It says a lot about this need for women to fit a certain image because of the way society says they should look. Regardless of a woman’s size and shape, we have all given ourselves the disapproving look in the mirror at one point or another. Generally, women would not be rude to another by making remarks about their appearance and body, but it is a completely different story when we think of ourselves. This video shows the need for women to be more confident in themselves and to be proud of their bodies. Weight management works for some women, but for others, it is no bother to them. Not all women want to be skinny, but rather they just want to feel comfortable in their own skin. If feeling comfortable means making changes, then it is only a matter of eating well, treating your body right, and staying active on a daily basis. Too many women feel the need to live up to a certain standard that is socially constructed by the media and advertising industries. Standards should be self-set and maintained by an open mind and positive thoughts.


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