Graffiti Technica


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.38.07 AM

I thought this artist was an interesting find in relation to the section of the course that talked about street art. We discussed how graffiti is generally the marking of a space or territory and is a sign of ownership. So what happens when graffiti is manipulated visually through a computer to give the illusion that the tag (or signature of artist) is actually occupying space in real life. This artist does not provide his name but talks about his interest in combining the concept of graffiti with digital art. For someone that grew up doing things the old fashion way in the 80’s, he took a liking to any and all electronics in style during that era.

He goes on to explain how his love for graffiti has always inspired him since seeing it on the sides of trains when he went to school. Many people who do graffiti in the streets have talked about why they love it; the reason being that there is an adrenaline rush of whether or not they will get caught and get away with tagging. For Graffiti Technica, he uses his skills in digital media to render two dimensional works of graffiti that he can spread all over the world wide web. With the evolution of social media networks and the increasing number of people who rely on electronic devices, his work has a higher chance of spreading like wildfire than the graffiti tagged on the freeway of H-2. I think he did an excellent job of proving that graffiti is defined by its style, not always the medium of spray paint.


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