Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens

Vertical Garden. By Patrick Blanc in Madrid, Spain


After seeing the supertrees of Singapore, I was reminded of this piece I saw that was designed by Patrick Blanc titled Vertical Garden. Not only do I think that the piece is very unique, but it is extremely aesthetic. Living in a city, I often feel caught up in an urban jungle. Here, quite literally, we can turn this concrete jungle into a living concrete jungle by covering the walls of buildings with plants. Not only does this make the building and the city more aesthetic and attractive, but it can also serve a functional purpose too. By planting all these different plants it is reducing our carbon footprint, and I’ve also heard of people growing vertical garden walls. So this can be a certain form or an alternative to urban gardening. The side of a wall is not only a blank canvas for muralists, spray paint artists, but also to botanists who can arrange edible landscapes. It will be interesting in the future to see what the influence of our rapidly changing society will have on art. A few hundred years ago we wouldn’t even have tall buildings to create these vertical gardens. And in this day and age everybody is environmentally conscious, which has sparked the idea of these new edible vertical gardens. And the fact that they are finding awesome ways to not only carry out functional pieces of art, but also ones that are aesthetically pleasing is just awesome. Who doesn’t love plants and nature? These vertical gardens are a nice break from the concrete monotony of urban dwelling, and they serve a practical function as well.

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