Graffiti Knitting / Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing or graffiti knitting is art using items that are made out of yarn to install in a public space and not getting caught for your actions. The artists see their installments just the same as painters see their artwork. No matter how much material someone is using, art is art. There are two different kinds of graffiti knitting are cozies and stitched stories. Many people around the world have done their yarn bombing in well-known areas or on famous statues like Wall Street’s Charging Bull. There are many amazing examples in the link below. Watching TV the other day, there was a show about this artist, Eric Rieger aka HOTTEA who is a participant of the yarn bombing. The traumatic story behind this ex-graffiti writer is that he was tasered and put into jail for his vandalism. Because of this stressful time and consequences that followed him, he decided to continue doing what he loves but to use a different material to help with his healing process. He calls his artwork “fencework,” because he uses his skill and creativity to make magic happen on fences. Looking at various galleries of his work, I didn’t believe that what he did was made out of yarn! What people set their mind to is absolutely a beautiful gift.

images-2                                                    yarn-bombing-blog-200x200





One thought on “Graffiti Knitting / Yarn Bombing

  1. I love this! Why not make the world a more fun and beautiful place:) Class, be sure to use the links Kristian provided to check out more on this fascinating art form…

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