Maya Lin’s Wave Field

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add an image… so I’m just going to post the link.



After being introduced to Maya Lin’s work, I was intrigued by the geometrical complexity of her pieces and wanted to find out more. I chose her piece Wave Field because I thought it was awesome how she incorporated such a naturally occurring geometry into the landscape. Also, her work reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright, who we learned about earlier this semester. Both of their architectural work incorporates and utilizes the landscape around them. I also thought it was somewhat ironic that she used this wave pattern in a big field of grass. The irony being that she used an ocean’s natural geometry and applied it to the land, a very interesting concept.
“Maya Lin described it as “. . . pure poetry. It is a very gentle space that exists on a very human scale. It is a sanctuary, yet it’s playful, and with the changing shadows of the sun, it is completely transformed throughout the day. ‘The Wave Field’ expresses my desire to completely integrate a work with its site, revealing the connectedness of art to landscape, or landscape as art” – taken directly from the description by University of Michigan.

I like the whole idea behind the concept of this piece. Not only is it organic, but like Lin said, it reveals the connectedness of art to landscape. So often landscapes are depicted in high art- Monet’s Lily Pond or Van Gogh’s Starry night are perfect examples. Here, Lin takes a more hands on approach and gets her hands dirty- quite literally. I would love to see more artists utilize her style of using landscape to create art, incorporating organic geometry into her pieces, and coming up with creative and new ideas of how we define art.


Sarah said:- Thanks Daniel, I am adding a link within your post to keep the topic connected (plus I can’t include an image in a reply;) To see more famous “earthwork” such as “spiral jetty” (pictured below), use this link:



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