Cultural Connections in Kaka’ako

Mural by Blaine Fontana for Forest for the Trees 2013

Work by Eddie Colla, Beak and Poesia formerly on the Friends of the Library building. Highlighted by art from Bother and other members of the MOK crew in Hawaii

Being in this side of Kaka’ako reaches out to everyone in this area.  Some will see it as vandalism, but for the opposite perspective, we stand in awe when looking at these artworks.  I especially enjoy going to the Kaka’ako Eat the Street events because it allows me to see these artwork up close and personal, maybe meet some of the artists.  I feel the spirit of a community in these artists while they come together to express themselves in their way, regardless of how judgmental critics can be.  I feel as if they are motivated by these critics, and supported with fellow artists.  To them this is a religion of their own; with many believing in the same culture, communicating with each other, understanding the ethics, and speaking in their own language.  For these artists, they aren’t trying to fight for their rights, they just want to break down the walls of tradition and show people how beautiful it is and how many different ways you can show art while representing themselves.  That this doesn’t have to be in a museum or an art gallery for people to see and appreciate.  Why not it being on the sides of buildings, walls, etc. for the world to see ?  This is their dream come true.  Yes, there will be hiccups, but nonetheless this is their passion and happiness.

Mural by Blaine Fontana




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