Different Lenses

In the UP SYNDROME documentary, I agree with what the narrator/director said, “Mom said that he has something called down syndrome, but I could never figure out what the hell he was down about. He didn’t look depressed to me.”  Something so poetic, yet so simple.  People with disabilities have no need to be down about anything in their lives.  Everyone has their own issues, and challenges but we all seek to look for those solutions.  Look at the many artists who have created such wonderful art for their own achievements, and for others to see that everyone has their own way of succeeding.  It is that inner strength and skill which builds up this creativity.  I don’t know how these artist do it, but they unlock something in themselves that no one else has.  Whether if its looking at something for 20 minutes and being able to draw it in detail, the ability to paint with your feet, losing your sight, and many more.  These artists understand themselves truly psychological and physiologically, and this acceptance of their lives have allowed them to have skills in the arts or other activities.  They know what they want to seek, and they are happy with expanding their limits.

I believe that everyone sees the world with their own pair of glasses.  There is no need to put people down just because you have a different pair than they do.

Here is a link to amazing artists with disabilities of their own

Use the link above to see many more!!

wiltshire1 shell_life Fleur_de_la_Mer


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