Amanda Browder, Textile Art Public Installations, Brooklyn NY

yellowtrace_rapunzel_amanda-browder_001yellowtrace_chromatic-hi-five_amanda-browder_01 yellowtrace_chromatic-hi-five_amanda-browder_031

More images and quote can be found at “Yellowtrace” here:

Says the author of this webpage of Browder’s work:

” I’d love to walk down the street and discover one of these assaults of colour. Can you imagine it? There would be a shriek of excitement followed by a case of instagram gone wild. (Don’t judge, I know I’m not the only one.) These joyful temporary works are the creation of American artist, Amanda Browder. What I adore about her work is the way she invites play, both in the creation of the work and the final execution.Besides garnering a sense of community spirit, these bold gestures are an event in themselves. They are much more than just an exercise in creating “community.” The cascading candy coloured fabrics create some seriously bold and sculptural gestures at oftentimes epic scales. They transform our understanding of the spaces they inhabit and create a new experience. They are not only a source of visual joy – visitors are free to run under, over and through. Basically, this artist is just an all round crowd pleaser.”

Hello Folks- here is an example of the discussion connecting community to art…the author suggests that these public works “create a sense of community”- Do you think public art does this? How so? Give examples of public art you enjoy or see regularly- share a picture or comment freely:)

Note: basic blog rules apply- be appropriate for a classroom setting even though this is a cyber extension of our class! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Amanda Browder, Textile Art Public Installations, Brooklyn NY

  1. Hi Marcos- I assume the jpg. is an image…It did not come across as an active link…I think you need to us insert link function or insert image (from downloaded image)…that is what worked for me…Thanks for the comments!-S

    • Aloha Professor,
      Yes it is suppose to be a picture I will keep trying until I get it. There is also an app for this blog as well which I just found out. Easy access to put my thoughts….


  2. Aloha Professor- on todays class I totally understand the concept now on the disability culture were people with special abilities can express themselves without being looked at differently. Not to be judged on what they are not suppose to do, I knew personally an artist in South Korea that has a special ability to paint. I was hoping to post her pictures on the blog but the blog still does not give me that option in the top menu. So I will post on my blog Marcosad04.wordpress

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